Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yours are just kicking in
And mine are just checking out 
You’re at the beginning of this tunnel that I’m just coming out
Either way these days we’re not as in control as we think
You’re stamping up the stairs
I’m crying at the kitchen sink
You worry about growing up 
I worry about letting go
Cos I know what’s coming up 
Don’t let me be the last one to know 
Either way, some of these days
We’re going to have to tough it out
You turn the music up
I try to think before I shout
I have to own up that dress looks better on you now
Only half grown up
You should really twirl and take a bow
You ask me what’s going on - 
Why do we feel this way? 
I can only shake my head –
Hormones, babe, I say
Yours are just kicking in
Mine are just checking out

Everything but the girl.
Hanno segnato così tanto della mia vita, così intimo che neanche questo blog può dire, vuole dire.
Per coincidenza che certo so solo io (e lei, Tracey, ignora - e comunque non le importerebbe un beato niente) hanno avuto due gemelli e anche un terzo figlio.
La figlia di questa canzone (si perdonino i pochi secondi di pubblicità iniziali) ha l'età di Marta.


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